Grissom Air Museum


The Grissom Air Museum was created by 7 volunteers who wanted to tell the story about the base and those who served. The base was started during WWII as a Bunker Hill Naval Air station. They trained pilots to fly missions protecting our nation. While there were many service members that came through the base, Ted Williams of Baseball fame, got his start here.

About 1954, the U.S. Air Force asked to take over the base and changed the name to Bunker Hill Air Force Base. Fast forward to 1968, the base had changed its name to honor a Hoosier native and hero to Grissom Air Force Base after the death of Lt. Col. Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom.

The Grissom Air Museum tells the history of the Bunker Hill Naval Air Station and Bunker Hill-Grissom Air Force and Reserve Base. We talk about their stories and the aircraft that flew and maintained while serving on the forward wall.

While there were many aircraft that were stationed on base, one such incredible aircraft that served was the B-58 Hustler. This aircraft set multiple records, some of which remain unbroken today. Two such stories tell us about Capt. Manuel “Rocky” Cervantes who died in a Broken Arrow during an alert training exercise. Another pilot who died in a training exercise was Maj. Dick Blakslee. Both stories, while tragic, told us about the dedication and passion that they held for our nation.

To learn more about these and other service members, visit the Grissom Air Museum. The Museum opens for the season March 9, 2023. For hours of operation, call the museum at (765) 689-8011 or